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Small Church Near Me

-Small Churches near you have been the backbone of America

At the time of writing this America has never been in a more difficult spot post WWII. It is difficult in many ways but more frequently becoming difficult in finding hope for a future. Since even before America was an independent country small churches existed and were available to most everyone fulfilling that chasm of providing hope. What I find extraordinary, at least where we live, most people have told me they prefer a small church over a big one. While I personally have no preference (I like big churches, small churches, medium churches, ALL churches), most people feel that perhaps large churches have become superficial or maybe even commercialized to the point of not being personal.

I'm so overjoyed to say that there is a small church near me that believes in preaching the unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ. We feel at New Hope Community Church in Swifton Arkansas that there is so much hope for the future. In fact, we believe it so strongly it is in the fundamental genetic make-up of our church. We are a non-denominational church who preaches and teaches straight from the Word of God. All we want to do is better serve Him and grow into the image of His son, Jesus Christ.

There is a small church near me that desires more abundantly to give people the hope of the gospel, to give people the good news, to spread the greatest hope that anyone could ever have.

I was researching churches in our area, and there are so many great ones. I am a church junkie, I don't really care what people believe as long as they believe on Christ I want to befriend them and build relationships. I cannot tell you that our church is simply better than any other church for the sake of just saying that, I do feel a special kind of love for our small church, but what I can promise is we are doing all we can to live for Christ so we can tell the world about Him.

There is a small church near me, and a small church near you that is continuing on through the travails of life, persisting to live for Him in all the knowledge we have.

Lord help us to grow in grace and the knowledge based on your Word and what you have done at Calvary, we love you so deeply. Thank you for all you do, Lord, in Jesus name amen!

-Pastor Colton

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