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Church in Swifton, AR!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Swifton Arkansas... where the crops grow many and the people are kind.

Church In a Small Town

I grew up in a small church in a small town. Swifton is my home now, but small churches in small towns often seem to be so punctually similar. New Hope Church strives to be a home for anyone seeking a comfort from this present life. The emptiness in life, or perhaps otherwise known as depression, is solved at Jesus' very mention. That's what makes small churches in a small town so special. There's nothing to hope in except the name of Jesus. We don't claim to be better than anyone, all we know to do is simply exalting Christ and His finished work. New Hope provides a realistic help in troublesome times. We pray together, bind together, love together, struggle together, live together, and care together.

Offering a New Hope in Swifton

If you've ever been to Swifton Arkansas then you know you have been in farm country. The crop is the talk of the town, over coffee, by the City Hall, across the street, in the neighbors yard, across the tracks, everyone is always buzzing over this year's crop. I love the examples Christ gives in the scripture of how our spiritual life is much like the life of a farmer. The harvest in Swifton is plentiful, the laborers thereof are few, says the Word. That's what New Hope Community Church prays to provide, an opportunity for people to labor for Christ. We so desperately desire to be like Christ. We often pray at, New Hope Church, to conform us into the image of Christ. Out of several churches in Swifton we pray for unity, for us to grow together in Christ. Churches in Swifton often work together for the glory of God. We want to continue to work the fields for Christ to be glorified.

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